The medical miracle for migraine that everyone is talking about

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Activated Magnesium crosses the blood brain barrier to prevent Migraines and Vascular Headaches that occur when there is uneven dilation of the blood vessels



But first, a little background on how this groundbreaking discovery came about. My name is Mark and I am the founder and CEO of Regenex Laboratories.


In some ways it was by chance that I was guided into this business while trying to help my daughter to overcome her life of migraine headaches. I’ll explain shortly how we developed the answer to migraine pain, but first let me share her story with you.


It didn’t seem fair that at the age of 14, when she should have been enjoying her teen years, she started to get regular migraine headaches.

As she matured, her migraines grew more frequent and severe. From an active girl who played sport and enjoyed time with her friends, she was forced to withdraw inside to cope with repeated migraines that would last up to 3 days at a time.


When her attacks happened she would have to stay in bed in a dark room, for days at a time, until the pain passed. Heartbreaking for any parent to see your daughter like this, but even more frustrating when all the medical science in the world didn’t seem to help and in fact it just bought on more problems, with anxiety at the forefront.


This is probably an all too familiar story for you as you read on.


We took her to her GP who started her on some basic medication and from there it was the now familiar cycle (that I have learned so much about) of seeing a neurologist who increases the meds to the more dangerous triptans and associated anti-depressants. We had her at chiropractors, physiotherapy, osteopaths, naturopaths (who should have known the magnesium secret, but didn’t), bowen therapy, hypnosis and finally bottox.


I realised I had to do something myself. I have been in the pharmaceutical industry all my life (in complimentary medicine), so I was looking for evidence based information. It was actually one fateful day when her migraines were so bad we had to take her to the hospital ER and they put her on a drip, which fixed the problem in a matter of hours. When I asked what is was in the drip I was informed it was a blend of mineral salts, but predominantly magnesium.


And right there before my eyes I had been given the key to uncovering what was needed and during the next 4 years I went on to discover an endless list of clinical data that had been compiled on Magnesium, in combination with other minerals and vitamins.


So is avoiding migraines as simple as taking a magnesium supplement?

Sadly it’s not quite that easy. While magnesium in a drip does work miracles , it’s pretty hard to give yourself a drip at home, and in supplement form plain magnesium (on it’s own) doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier or enter soft muscle tissue. It needs to be combined with other selected vitamins and minerals, known as co-factors, for it to enter the blood stream.


If you take a regular magnesium supplement, like one you might find in your local pharmacy or supermarket, it will have little or no effect on your migraine frequency or severity.


But in this natural new formula that I created with the help of leading doctors, professors and clinical researchers from Australia, New Zealand and the USA, the magnesium is activated by bonding it with other co-factors (B6 & Zinc), so it has the best chance of crossing the blood brain barrier and relieving your pain and helping prevent future migraines.


We added all 3 of the best forms of magnesium into one capsule, then we added B6 and Zinc to allow the magnesium to cross the blood brain barrier. This activated magnesium alone is incredibly powerful but we knew that in order to fully defeat migraines we need a natural solution to the cramping and spasms that most migraine sufferers report.


That’s when further research uncovered 2 classic natural ingredients that turned our product from great to extraordinary. Cramp Bark and Passionflower have been used for thousands of years to aid in the relief of muscle pain and spasms, so we added these to the formula as well, and the results were impressive. Finally we had developed a method where magnesium taken orally could be fully absorbed into the body.


The creative thinking behind this product is why major online retailers around the world, such as Amazon, can barely keep it on their shelves.


The product is called Migraine Stop and I feel we have set a new standard for natural migraine relief products.


So Will Migraine Stop work for everyone?


No, I cant promise that. I don’t have to tell you that migraines are triggered by a huge range of factors, but research has definitively shown that around 40-50% of migrainers exhibit a magnesium deficiency, so if you fall into that category then Migraine Stop will definitely help you. If you’re not magnesium deficient then it may not be of any use, but that’s exactly why I offer a full guarantee (plus the first bottle at less than half price) so you can try it without risk.


I really want you to be one of those in the 40-50% group so we can help you, but just in case you’re not, then I want you to know I will support you by giving you your money back. But what if you never try it – you’ll never know. So why not grab a bottle today and give it a go for the next 30 days. If it doesn’t work then send me back the empty bottle and I’ll give you your money back. I’ll be just as disappointed as you that it didn’t work, but at least the exercise wont have cost you anything, and if it does work we’ll both be very happy.


So to give you the best opportunity to try Migraine Stop, the first 500 customers each month are able to purchase a full size bottle for $30 off the regular price. That’s a full 45 day supply for only $19.95


You can try a full bottle of 90 capsules. And if you love it, which I am sure you will, you might even write us a review on our Facebook page like the many other thousands of satisfied customers, once you’ve used your first bottle. Remember that Migraine Stop is 100% guaranteed, so if you don’t love it, you’ll get a full cash back refund.


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