The Medical Miracle for Migraines that Doctors Wont Tell You About

The Medical Fraternity gets no kick back from natural supplements, and that’s why they refuse to reveal the truth about how to relieve Migraines with well known vitamin and mineral combinations.


But first, a little background on how this groundbreaking breakthrough came about. My name is Mark and I am the founder and CEO of Regenex Laboratories.


In some ways it was by chance that I was guided into this business while trying to help my daughter to overcome her life of migraine headaches. I’ll explain shortly how we developed the answer to migraine pain, but first let me share her story with you.

It didn’t seem fair that at the age of 14, when she should have been enjoying her teen years, she started to get regular migraine headaches.

As she matured, her migraines grew more frequent and severe. From an active girl who played sport and enjoyed time with her friends, she was forced to withdraw inside to cope with repeated migraines that would last up to 3 days at a time

When her attacks happened she would have to stay in bed in a dark room for days at a time until the pain passed. Heartbreaking for any parent to see your daughter like this, but even more frustrating when all the medical science in the world didn’t seem to help and in fact it just bought on more problems, with anxiety at the forefront.


This is probably an all too familiar story for you as you read on.


We took her to her GP who started her on some basic medication and from there it was the now familiar cycle (that I have learned so much about) of seeing a neurologist who increases the meds to the more dangerous triptans and associated anti-depressants. We had her at chiropractors, physiotherapy, osteopaths, naturopaths (who should have known the magnesium secret, but didn’t), bowen therapy, hypnosis and finally botox.


I realised I had to do something myself. I have been in the pharmaceutical industry all my life (in complimentary medicine) and I have an analytical type brain, so I was looking for evidence based information.


And right there before my eyes I uncovered an endless list of clinical data that had been conducted on Magnesium in combination with other minerals and vitamins.

So after 4 years of research, interviewing doctors and university professors I was able to gain an understanding of truly how migraines occur, and what we can do to relieve them, with simple and safe mineral supplements, in the right combination and at the correct scientifically proven dose, with the potential to provide a life that is virtually pain free.

When I first started doing my research over 4 years ago I began to discover the enormous amount of inaccurate information out there about migraines. I was also amazed at how much strong evidence there was for natural minerals, including Magnesium, but no-one was utilising it.


But here is the thing that very few people know. Magnesium doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier unless it is in combination with certain vitamins, including many of the B group vitamins. Not does it enter the soft muscle tissue unless it is combined with Vitamin B6. What does all this mean? : it means that if you only take a straight Magnesium supplement on its own, much of the Magnesium you take is simply excreted from your body and has little or no effect. It simply flushes right through your system without entering the soft muscle tissue, where it needs to be to do its work.


So from 4 years of research and with the assistance of some of the most brilliant minds in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, I developed a fully formulated supplement, which I named Migraine Stop, based on the science of combining the magnesium with the co-factors essential to ensure the product enters the soft muscle tissue, where it stays in the body to do its valuable work.


So Will Migraine Stop work for everyone?

No, I cant promise that. I don’t have to tell you that migraines are caused by a huge range of triggers, but research has definitively shown that around 40% of migrainers exhibit a magnesium deficiency, so if you fall into that category then Migraine Stop will definitely help you. If you’re not magnesium deficient then it may not be of any use, but that’s exactly why I offer a full guarantee so you can try it without risk.


Ironically that 40% number is very close to the amount of people who re-order our product after trying their first bottle (our current re-order rate is 42%), so it lines up with the evidence.


I really want you to be one of those in the 40% group so we can help you, but just in case you’re not, then I want you to know we’ll support you by giving you your money back. But what if you never try it – you’ll never know. So why not grab a bottle today and give it a go for the next 30 days. If it doesn’t work then send me back the empty bottle and I’ll give you your money back. I’ll be just as disappointed as you that it didn’t work, but at least the exercise wont have cost you anything, and if it does work we’ll both be very happy.


So if you are happy to take the leap of faith with me, just choose your option right here and give it a try. Let’s take the journey together and I’ll be there with you, whatever the outcome. If you want to read more there’s lots more to share so keep reading on down the page.

Here’s the TRUTH about Magnesium that has been hidden from us for many years..

Magnesium is the 4th most abundant essential mineral in the body (or at least it should be). But studies estimate that 75% of Americans do not meet the recommended levels of magnesium in the body, and this statistic is almost universal across the world, in all Western populations.


Dr Marc Sircus, the Director of the International Medical Veritas Association, has been quoted as saying about Magnesium “There is no healing system more powerful than that which employs natures own primordial substances ; substances so pure that they yield benefits without the typical side effects of most drugs. There is a power and a force in Magnesium that cannot be equalled anywhere else in the world of medicine.”

So how is this supplement any better than just taking Magnesium?

There is solid scientific evidence to show that blending Magnesium with co-factors Vitamin B6 and Zinc, in exactly the right ratios, helps the magnesium to cross the blood brain barrier and also to enter the soft muscle fiber, where it can go to work relaxing the muscles, just as it is meant to do, thereby assisting with prevention of tension headaches and migraines. It then acts as a vasodilator (see more about that below) evening out the blood flow to the brain. The Cramp Bark and Passionflower compliment the vitamin and mineral blend by adding to the muscle relaxing properties as well as helping with sleeplessness and anxiety, 2 conditions which go hand in hand with chronic migraine.

Many doctors know about Magnesium but they wont tell you about it

I know, it’s hard to believe but it’s true. Most doctors know that Magnesium is a critical element in the body and they also know that it is a proven muscle relaxant (when combined with the right vitamins) and one of the best cures for muscle tension, tension headaches, migraines, PMT and many more muscle related pain issues. But they wont tell you about it because they can’t write a script for it and so they can’t get any kick backs for it from the giant Pharma companies. Basically there is no money in it for them so they don’t tell you about it, which is truly criminal.

Most prescription medications for Migraines come laced
with side effects

It will be no surprise to you, I am sure, that the medications being constantly prescribed to you by your doctor, your neurologist and countless others in the medical fraternity have been making you even sicker.

They are simply not an adequate solution , prescription medications only “hide” the problem for a while and “mask” the symptoms. (keep reading to see how the prescriptions meds work ,versus how natural supplements work – you’ll be shocked)

Here is another very shocking but true fact for you:

Approximately 100,000 people die every year from side effects associated with Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) from legitimate drugs, these include common medications for migraines, and this is only in the U.S.*


Here’s another truth the big pharmaceutical companies (and the doctors) don’t want you to know; It is a proven fact that the frequent use of prescription medications weakens your immune system and makes you vulnerable to other diseases. Ironically the side effects of many of the drugs prescribed for migraine (as written on their own drug fact sheets) is migraines and headaches. How bizarre is that …. your own medicos, who you trust, give you drugs that have the effect of producing even more headaches and there’s a reason for this; pharmaceutical companies make more money if you continue using their products, that’s why medications produce these side effects, so you can keep buying from them, wasting your money and time.

All you are ever told is to record the triggers of your migraines

There is no doubt that stress is one of the major epidemics of the 21st century, and it’s also one of the main causes of migraine headaches. We’re constantly bombarded with information overload, and asked to maintain headache diaries on a daily basis. And while they are a helpful aid in determining what our triggers are, what do they really do for the end game …. which is pain relief ?

Migraines are not as difficult to treat as you think

Most people have the wrong idea that migraines can only be treated with pharmaceutical medications and other expensive treatments, like botox. Well that’s simply not true, but that’s what doctors want us to think because that means more profit for them. The truth is migraine headaches can be prevented; you just need to know what’s causing them and what steps to take in order to attack them.

A lot of money is wasted on useless mainstream medicines

Again, the mainstream medical system only hides the symptoms and the pain for a while, leaving migraine sufferers alone and without a solution to their problem. Neurologists and other specialists who treat only the headache (not the cause) can’t seem to find what the problem really is. Many migraine sufferers are bounced between 15 and 20 different doctors and specialists over the years, trying all the available methods, therapies and medications, and that costs a lot of money. That’s just how the system works, that’s why the pharmaceutical and medical industry makes billions of dollars each and every year.

So take your opportunity today and click the BUY NOW button right here… to get started on your first bottle today. Enjoy the pain free life you deserve.



What Really Causes Migraine Headaches?

A Vascular Headache

Migraines are vascular headaches that occur when there is uneven dilation of the blood vessels. Imagine a garden hose that is narrower in some places and widens out in others and then becomes narrower again. As the water flows through the hose it will meet resistance in the narrower places and then flow with ease in the widened place only to “hit” the narrow places again. This is exactly what occurs with migraine headaches when the blood vessels of the head dilate unevenly. The blood flows through the narrow passages and then will enter a place where the blood vessel has dilated. This does not produce pain because the flow of the blood is not impeded. It is when the blood continues on its path from the widened area into another narrow area that pain is produced. The blood continues to travel through the vessel but now it must go through a smaller space. When the blood “hits” this smaller space there is literally an impact. The same amount of fluid must now squeeze through a more narrow space. This creates pressure on the blood vessel wall, which in turn can produce pain. Oftentimes, migraine sufferers can actually feel a throbbing or pulsating, a bonging pain that is rhythmic. This is the impact of the surge of blood on the narrowed vessel that occurs with each beat of the heart. This vessel has now become inflamed and possibly distended due to the onslaught of blood trying to enter a narrow space from a dilated space. The result is pain.

So Let’s Get Those Spaces Even!

If we could make the blood vessels even—a consistent diameter that does not fluctuate – or when it does change it would dilate or constrict evenly across the length of the blood vessel—then that would solve our problem! Yes. That is correct. So that is exactly what prescription medications are designed to do. But interestingly enough, the mechanism of action of these medications is to cause vasoconstriction. This means that the blood vessels will narrow. This can work temporarily, because the dilated portions of the vessels now become just as narrow as the already constricted parts of the blood vessel and there is no traversing the wide portions to the narrow portions. This means no surges of blood impacting the vessel wall thus an alleviation of the pain. But oftentimes this won’t work because the vessel walls are already so inflamed and distended that the narrowing helps, but cannot take away the tenderness of the already damaged tissue. Overall, however, we have to admit that vasoconstriction will bring some relief. But let’s think about this for a minute because it really is not the correct way to deal with the problem…

Vasoconstriction—A Temporary Fix

Okay, so with conventional pharmaceuticals we have the blood vessel at an even diameter throughout its length. This prevents further damage to the walls by not allowing surges of blood to hit and injure the wall. But the vessels are constricted—narrowed, which means an overall higher blood pressure. It also means that certain substances that are vasoconstrictors will have to be continually manufactured to maintain this constricted and even state of affairs. What if the production of these vasoconstrictors falls off? The vessels will begin to dilate and the possibility for uneven dilation becomes a consideration. Please note that if we have surges of vasoconstrictors this adds to the uneven dilation problem and can set up vasospasms. The blood vessel walls go into spasms because of the conflicting messages—dilate—no—constrict—no—dilate—no—constrict. What will it be? With different hormones telling the blood vessel wall different messages, a spasm can occur, which is painful.

So What Does the Body Want?

Constricted or dilated blood vessels? What does the body prefer to have? Common sense tells us if our blood vessels are wide and open, blood flow is easier and blood pressure drops. Blood can more easily access all areas without the need for the heart to pump as hard. It is easier on the whole body if the blood vessels are dilated (not constricted) to allow easy access of the blood to the tissues. Therefore, when the vasoconstrictive substances are not present or not present in such large amounts, the body will try to return to its preferred state. This can be likened to a default. Everything goes back to the default unless otherwise stated or chosen.

So Where are We Going?

Wouldn’t it be better for us to go forward instead of backward. When we use vasoconstrictive substances to relieve the pain of migraines or to “prevent” migraines, we just continue to make the possibility of future migraines a reality. We are staying in the backward state. At some point in time, your body will try to return to the default—that of evenly dilated blood vessels. To get to this point, dilation will have to occur. If it occurs unevenly, we’re back to migraines. So we dump into our bloodstream more vasoconstrictors and here we go again—it’s the merry-go-round routine. When will we ever allow the body to go to the default and healthy state? The goal is to help you achieve even vasodilation, to help you get off the spinning merry-go-round of vasoconstrictors, to fully control and conquer migraines through healthy, body-friendly methods.

Is that the reason I Get Migraines on My Days Off?

You bet it is. A typical pattern for migraine sufferers is that they do well (suffer no migraines) during times when they are expected to perform. But as soon as the pressure is off, here comes the migraine. The reason for this is that during times that we must produce, the times when we must perform, the times when we have to be all and do all, we produce certain neurotransmitters and adrenal hormones to enable us to accomplish the tasks at hand. These substances are potent vasoconstrictors. Because the blood vessels are narrowed and there is no dilation going on—we will have no pain. But as soon as the pressure is off, the body will say, “Whew, free of those vasoconstrictors for awhile, let’s dilate and return to good health and circulation.” If the dilation process happens unevenly, then we have the pain of the migraine.

So What Do I Do?

Help the blood vessels to dilate and to dilate evenly and do it naturally, by ensuring our body has the right balance of vitamins and minerals that we need to have a happy and healthy body. Notice that this is just the opposite of how we currently are trying to treat migraines. When will we learn to help the body, instead of always following the path of continued destruction

Common migraine is accompanied by nausea, a general feeling of ill-being, and sometimes depression and irritability. Common migraine sufferers usually lack the warning aura. Their head pain normally involves the entire head, not just the temple or one side of the head. Migraines that become complicated can cause a paralysis of eye movement, weakness or paralysis of the arms and legs, vertigo, tingling, blindness and even loss of consciousness.

Triggering Events

Certain events are known to trigger migraines and I am sure you are sick of hearing this, but humor me and lets touch on a few before I give you the solution. They are menstruation, fatigue (physical or mental), stress (physical or mental), exposure to bright lights, iron deficiency, magnesium deficiency, low blood sugar, B complex deficiency, oral contraceptives, withdrawal (even temporary withdrawal) from caffeine (found in coffee, tea, or cola drinks). In migraine-prone children, exercise or vigorous sports can precipitate an attack because of the production of neurotransmitters necessary to perform these activities and the subsequent lessening of neurotransmitters which trigger an attack. The role of foods as triggering agents of migraine is also well documented.

So is Magnesium a Miracle Cure?

No-one can claim a cure for migraine but there are a number of nutrients and extracts that have had a documented positive effect on migraines, including Coenzyme Q10, ginger, butterbur and in particular the omega 3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). So certainly look at loading up on EPA by adding fish to your diet or through good quality supplementation.

But here is the real miracle. The majority of adults are now being found to be highly deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is a vital mineral in the pursuit of a healthy body for a myriad of reasons, but in terms of Migraines Magnesium is a muscle relaxant and it helps relax soft muscle tissue and therefore assists in creating those nice even blood vessels we talked about before. Even blood vessels means even blood flow, which means less or no migraines. It’s not rocket science, its simple biology.

But it can’t be that simple you say?

Well in essence it is, but there is one small problem with magnesium when you just take it on its own. Its not all that well absorbed into the body as a supplement and so most of it flushes straight through and we get very little benefit. But magic can happen when Magnesium is blended in the right combination with Vitamin B6 and zinc, which are acknowledged as co-factors that increase absorption of the magnesium by up to 4 times.

Let’s Talk More About Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that is responsible for the health of the smooth muscles. A deficiency in magnesium is associated with spasms of the muscles, including the smooth muscle in the lining of the blood vessels. Being marginally deficient in magnesium can make a migraine sufferer more prone to headaches. It is interesting to note that in industrialized societies magnesium deficiencies are common. Both men and women can have migraines as a result of low magnesium, but women are especially prone to low-magnesium headaches at the time of their menstrual periods and during the latter part of pregnancy.

What about Cramp Bark?

Cramp Bark is a plant that grows in North America with traditional use documented by many Indian tribes for multiple muscle related conditions. Cramp Bark is used for menstrual cramps, muscle spasms and muscular tension, particularly those related to tension headache and migraine. It’s an excellent extract for use by any migraine or tension headache sufferer, but finding it can sometimes be a little difficult, but in MIGRAINE STOP it’s built into the product for your benefit (keep reading to learn about all the ingredients in MIGRAINE STOP)

Current Pharmaceutical Drug Therapy

Standard medical treatment for migraines fall into two categories: 1) prevention and 2) pain relief during acute attacks. The mode of action for the vast majority of these drugs is vasoconstriction. If you have been reading all the material I have presented thus far, you will recognize that this is the wrong way to go about correcting the situation. By causing the vessels to constrict we will only continue to perpetuate the problem. In other words, you will always continue to suffer from migraines. They won’t just go away someday. Yes, you may see temporary relief, but at some time the body will attempt to return to the default state of dilation and the result will most likely be uneven vasodilation, causing spasms in the blood vessel wall. This means another migraine headache.

In Summary

Now you know why migraines occur in a viscous cycle, but you also know how to fix the problem. To make the whole process easy, we have put together the very best of the ingredients, in exactly the right combinations, into one simple easy to take supplement.  Migraine Stop is a purpose built formulation for sufferers of migraines and cluster headaches. Migraine Stop contains Magnesium (3 types), Vitamin B6 (to improve absorption of the magnesium), Zinc, Cramp Bark and Passion Flower. It is professionally formulated and backed by science and it comes in a capsule that is easy to take. Just 2 -3 capsules a day and your migraines will become a thing of the past.

How Long Until I See Results?

Its not a pain killer, like a pharmaceutical product. It’s a preventative that will cause natural dilation of your blood vessels, just the way they should be, rather than the vasoconstriction that happens with conventional drug therapies.

Treating migraines naturally may take a period of time. However, it is the only way to go. By correcting the cause instead of just treating the symptoms, you will achieve the ultimate goal of healing, not just temporary pain relief. Expect the frequency of your headache/migraine symptoms to begin to diminish within 2-3 weeks of starting the supplement, with maximum effect on frequency and severity to kick in around 30-60 days from when you first start taking the capsules.

How Much Do I Have to Take?

You should start with 2 capsules per day. Unlike most supplements where you spread the dose out throughout the day, you should take both capsules at once, with food. It doesn’t matter whether you take them morning or night but be sure to take them both at once.

If you consider yourself an occasional migraine sufferer (one migraine a month) then this dose will be sufficient so just remain on that.

If you are a chronic migraine sufferer (one or more migraines a week), you will start on 2 capsules a day, then after 2 weeks you increase to 3 capsules a day. Again, you should take them all at once.

Make your dosage a regular part of your health program. Take them everyday for migraine and headache prevention and live the life you deserve, free of pain.

How’s that for evidence . . . . so take your opportunity right now and click the BUY NOW button just below…to get started on your first bottle today


Still not convinced ? Okay so lets look at all the ingredients in Migraine Stop, one by one

Magnesium – an essential mineral for optimal metabolic function. Research has shown that the mineral content of magnesium in food sources is declining, and that magnesium depletion has been detected in persons with some chronic diseases. This has led to an increased awareness of proper magnesium intake and its potential therapeutic role in a number of medical conditions. Clinical studies show that a single daily dose of between 300 and 600mg of Magnesium significantly reduces migraine attacks, however above 300mg can cause some mild diarrhea so best practice is to keep the daily dose regime around 300mg per day and combine the magnesium with Vitamin B6, which improves the absorption of the Magnesium significantly.

Cramp Bark – a plant that grows in North America with traditional use by many Indian tribes for multiple muscle related conditions. Cramp Bark is used for menstrual cramps, muscle spasms and muscular tension, particularly those related to tension headache and migraine.

Vitamin B6 – Used separately or in combination with other vitamin minerals, this essential vitamin have multiple health benefits. In particular, Vitamin B6 combines with Magnesium to improve uptake of the Magnesium into soft muscle tissue. B6 also helps to regulate pain and mood swings associated with menstrual cramping.

Zinc – a mineral that is so essential to good health it is hailed by scientists as “such a critical element in human health that even a small deficiency is a disaster”. While not specifically indicated for migraine, Zinc supports a healthy immune system, provides energy to the body and maintains ideal hormone levels. These are all critical elements if we are to maintain a healthy body free from pain.

Passionflower – a plant extract indicated to improve sleep patterns and reduce anxiety levels, which are 2 common conditions associated with headache and migraine sufferers. Like Magnesium, Passionflower also has the ability to reduce muscle spasm, which in turn assists with even blood flow to the brain, thereby

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